Cyber security as a service (CSaaS) is a cyber-security management with a specialization in information security services with specific part of your business operations. With Moore IT Services CSaaS, we offer in packages that may include, among others, the following services: Continuous Monitoring – 24/7/365.

Any short term gains you might see from investing that money elsewhere will quickly go down the drain in the event of a data breach. Improving the cyber security capabilities of your business/organization doesn’t have to be expensive!

Your business – any business – simply cannot afford to skimp on securing the sensitive data in your custody.  Moore IT Services, your IT managed provider and cyber security professionals in Houston since 2009 is here to help your business in that bottleneck. We have a certified IT teams, reputable, proactive and flat-rate IT and managed services that fits your business needs – you just need to invest in cost-effective resources that make sense for your business’ security needs.

  1. Infrastructure cyber security hygiene – we have a set of habitual practices for ensuring the safe handling of critical data and for securing networks. Our practices include the inventory of all endpoints connected to a network, vulnerabilities management, and the patching of software and applications.
  2. Cyber insurance – This coverage protects companies for liability to others and reimburses companies for expenses related to a data breach, which could include legal counsel and defense, a digital forensics team, notification costs, crisis communications and setting up a call center and credit monitoring for those affected by the data.

Security is never a destination. It’s a journey we’re on together. We focus on security looking at all aspects of your network and beyond your physical infrastructure.  Ensuring that all data and hardware are secured from cyber-attacks, we will take care of your cyber hygiene 24/7/365; call us now, and stop data leaks today.